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Industrial / Other Projects

Kanon Consulting is has been actively involved in the design of industrial complexes and environmental projects. The latter includes potable water refineries, waste water treatment plants and wind turbine foundations.


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Heracklion & Agios Nikolaos water supply from Aposelemi’s dam - Construction design for the water treatment installation

Project Budget:

Construction: AKTOR S.A.

Structural Design: KANON CONSULTING (2009 - 2011)

This water refinery plant uses water from the Aposelemi river to meet the needs for water supply of the city of Heraklion in the island of Krete, a highly touristic area..



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Ministry of Public Works - Technical Consultant for the Project of Sludge Drying Installation in Psyttaleia

Project Budget: 24.950.000 €

Structural Design Consultant: KANON CONSULTING (2006-2008)

A group of consulting offices was selected to assist the ministry to the supervision of the construction of the sludge treatment facility. Our firm was assigned to be the structural engineering consultant. The duties of the consultant include checking of the contractor’s structural design, supervision of construction, time schedule and budget of the project.



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Design of Foundations for ENERCON Wind Turbines
Wind Park with ENERCON Turbines

Structural Design: KANON CONSULTING (2008 to date)

In the rapidly growing market of wind turbines for renewable energy production, ENERCON Gmbh, a German Company based in Bremen, is a market leader in this technology.




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Ministry of Public Works - Water Supply for the City of Rhodes from the Gadoura's Dam - Construction of remaining dam works, water transport pipe and refinery plant

Project Budget: 56.000.000 €




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Hellenic Railway Organization S.A. - Service and Maintenance Depot at Thriasion

Project Budget: 40.000.000 €

Architectural Design: H. GOUNAROPOULOS - A. KOSTIKAS, PLEIAS Ltd

Structural Design: KANON CONSULTING (2006-2007 / in progress)

The service and maintenance depot of Hellenic Railway Organization (O.S.E.) is comprised of a number of buildings. These include a building for the servicing and repairs of railcars (K2), a disassembly shop for all type of railcars and locomotives (K3), a central warehouse (K4) a railcar warehouse shelter (K4A), a warehouse for lubricants and sand (K5), a testing facility (K6), a signaling facility (K8), a steel workshop, a railcar washing and cleaning installation and other minor facilities.


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Water Purification Plant in Thessaloniki, using water from Aliakmon River

Project Budget: 6.800.000 €

Construction: C. KONSTANTINIDIS S.A.

Structural Design: KANON MELETITIKI Ltd (1997-1998)

The water purification plant was constructed in order to enable the supply of potable water to the city of Thessaloniki from Aliakmon river. The plant’s facilities include multiple hydraulic structures, tanks and buildings necessary for the normal function of the plant.


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