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KANON CONSULTING was founded in 1998 for the purpose of fully covering the increased requirements of technical expertise for the design of large technical projects.

In essence, KANON CONSULTING is the continuation and professional evolution of the Design Firm created in 1976 by the engineers Themistoklis Tsimonos and Hero Tsimonou, two professionals with vast experience in the field of structural design of buildings and bridges.At the end of 2011 the firm upgraded its legal status from a limited liability company to Societe Anonyme (S.A.)

KANON CONSULTING is actively involved in several fields of structural engineering, in particular, large building complexes, bridges and highway technical works, industrial facilities, foundations and special purpose structures. The aim of the firm is to competitively provide high standard consulting services for structural design not only for the public authorities, but for the private sector as well.


The firm is in its second decade of operation. Until 2010 the firm grew rapidly and its achievements were recognized by the construction industry. In these years the permanent staff has more than doubled and the commissioned projects have increased spectacularly not only in volume, but in budget and importance as well. After having moved to new office spaces and renewed most of its equipment, KANON CONSULTING received the ISO 9001 certification by TUV Nord, certifying that it has installed and operates a quality control system to monitor the design production.